Our Support Partners

About SM Group

SM Group also has state-of-the-art facilities for design, development and manufacturing of personnel protection, vehicle armor and aircraft armor. One of the ambitious projects is that of being the first to produce Next-gen ceramic armor in India. With more than 30 years of technology-driven innovation and sustained growth, SM Group is proud to be one of the nation’s pioneer in development of crucial technologies for vital defence products and in finding highly innovative solutions in some of the most challenging areas.

The group has played an important role in providing hi-tech solutions for the defence industry. It has played a seminal role in development and manufacture of fully combustible cartridge cases in India.

About Competence Curve

Competence Curve’s team comprises of leading names in the field of Training, Coaching, Consulting & Behavioural Therapy. At Competence Curve we ensure we bring together experienced minds to develop & deliver solutions. For us delivering client results is what matters. So we ensure each client engagement is met through collaborative efforts of our internal & external experts.

 CC have a collective experience of over 100 years brought in by a Leadership Team with pioneering efforts in the L&D industry.

About Global C

Global C is a Multi-disciplinary PMC Company which can be engaged from Concept to Commissioning Phase of the Project. We provide strategic advisory to Promoters, Investors and Developers on all stages of development activity and act as an extended arm at all stages.

Global C has contract management methodologies which enables them to provide early on advice on how Construction contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims later during the project.

About Mosfet

Mosfet Technologies is a  mechanization based company leveraging on leading home & vehicle technology from across the world. Mosfet Technologies aims at delivering customised products & solutions for every user. Mosfet Technologies is aggressively expanding its role in the lifestyle Personal Entertainment & safety market, using ground-breaking technology and leading-edge designs for not just the technically-savvy consumers, but for everyone who enjoys entertainment.