Armor Plates

Polyethylene Inserts Armor

The  Polyethylene inserts made from "top-of-the-line" materials like Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) have been developed keeping different combat solutions in mind. These high performance PE plates offer ultimate protection at lowest possible weights. Using  nothing but the best materials and state of the art manufacturing facilities, these plates are tested and certified by world renowned laboratories. Polyethylene armor plates have superior multi-hit protection capabilities with low trauma and offer safety from secondary fragments as well. These plates are resistant to UV radiations, oil,water, sunlight and temperature changes. 

Advance Ceramic Armor

AC Armor is the most advanced system to provide protection against deadly bullets like the Armor Piercing rounds. Using different high performance ceramics like Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide as strike face backed with different composite  constellations, Easy Consultants brings across extremely cost-efficient ballistic defense through its Advance Ceramic Armour Plates.

Competent of being used either with vests or as stand-alone, these plates are available in various shapes, sizes & specifications.

All our plates have been tested, certified and approved by world renowned laboratories and are now being used by customers worldwide.

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